Future Thieves

By Sophie Minello

Future Thieves is a Nashville, TN band with bright things ahead of them. 

The band is made up of Elliot Collett (vocals/Guitar), Austin McCool (Guitar), Nick Goss (Bassist), and Gianni Gibson (Drums).

Their new album dated to come out on September 7th highlights the theme of evolution and growth.

We were able to talk to them about this new album and the thought that was put into it. Read more in our interview below:


Nashville is known for its music scene. How do you think that kind of musical atmosphere has helped you evolve as a band?

Nick: It's definitely a great scene to be a part of. So much talent and good songwriting. Evolve is the key word here though, mainly because we try and be different from what's going on around us...that's what makes us who we are. Pushing our sound to places we haven't heard people in Nashville go just yet is a big part of our band.


Your new single “Dark Spin” was recently released. Can you expand on the inspiration behind this song? Why did you choose this song as the first to represent the album?

Elliot: Dark Spin came about when our producer Alex Jarvis actually sent me over the synth chord progression that you hear first in the song.  After that I just started hearing a melody and the words dark spin just kind of came out in the chorus. After that I started thinking about what that meant to me. Then I started thinking about time, and how we evolve and cope during certain periods of our life.  During those times I feel like everyone at one point or the other goes through something uncomfortable or even “dark”. So when I tried to tied it back in, I thought I could set up a situation where someone runs into a person they’ve known but not spoken to in a long time, and then continue to sort of tell their story and explain all the twists and turns(Dark Spins)during that set of time.  Sounds simple but it’s something we over look every day. I feel like if people would just stop and look at segments of their life in a deeper, non-regretful way, that they could think seriously about what they could change to make that next part of their life even better. Maybe with less Dark Spins :)

I feel like we chose it as the first single because it just sets off the mood of the entire album. It’s easy listening and sort of takes a load off every time you hear it. It also sets up that “space in time” that the entire record sort of lives in. 


How have your relationships with each other, as well as your music style, grown due to the experiences you’ve gone through within the three years since ‘Horizon Line’ was released?

Austin: When you spend as much time together as we have over the last few years, you recognize tendencies and reliability. It’s fun now when writing and approaching new songs to know to some degree how Gianni will respond with a drum groove, or having a guitar riff and knowing that Nick will only improve it with a great bass line. This attributes to us having our uniqueness and continuing our ongoing style development. 


Your latest album, ‘Live at Blue Rock’, was praised by many big TV names such as Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. Did you feel any pressure when creating this new album, knowing you have this attention from such big names?

Gianni: It was so cool for us to see our name being hyped up by such incredible entertainers, that it gave us the extra boost and excitement to be able to really dig in to our new material. When we were writing and recording the album, there was never any pressure to please anyone but only to have the most fun creating something we are very proud of. 


Was there any particular musician or song that kept you musically inspired during the creation of your upcoming self titled sophomore album?

Gianni: With the direction of our new record, I found it especially appropriate to really dig in to some serious rhythm section styles. 70s-80s funk and disco to all different types of dance music. All the way to Tears for Fears and INXS for the perfect blend of pop and attitude.  

Elliot: I've been listening to a lot of Borns and we all have loved Jim James and My Morning Jacket's recent stuff. We draw a lot on pushing each other though. Sonically it can flow anywhere.

Nick: I've worn out the new Borns record. Been listening to Portugal the Man a lot as well. Anything that's different and catchy really.

Austin: Not really for me, I think finding new music from a variety of artists throughout the recording process helped me add textures and layers I wouldn’t have though of before. 


It’s been stated that this upcoming album is about connection in our disconnected world. Can you elaborate on that?

Elliot: Honestly this is something that’s always kind of concerned me. I feel it myself sometimes and I think people would be lying if they said they’ve never felt a little disconnected from the world and what’s going on.  So there are definitely some songs on the album that kind of have what I like to think of as a message about lightening things up and really seeing the true beauty in this whacky world and why they are such a special part of it. 


What songs off the new album are you most excited for fans to hear and why?

Gianni: I can not wait for folks to hear our tune “Machines”.  Elliot’s lyrics can easily strike a cord with people and the music is feel good, dance with your friends and enjoy the time. 

Elliot: We are proud of all of them. Same Things is a particularly special song lyrically and sonically. Definitely the ballad of the album.

Nick: I love playing Drive, has some crunchy bass on it too. Sometimes you need to punch the steering wheel and head bang.

Austin: I’m excited for people to hear Lost In My Head and On The Run. They’re both interesting directions for us in more of a funky way. Hopefully people shake down to them. 

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