Keaton Simons

Interview by Sam Schraub

You’ve released your own music but took a break to work with other artists, what inspired that change?
I’ve always worked with other artists in addition to doing my own thing. Just part of a life full of music :) 

How has it been supporting other artists as opposed to doing your own thing?
I like to embrace whichever position I hold at any given moment. When I’m supporting someone else I really get into it and make my mission to make them shine. 

You've worked with a lot of hip-hop artists but your solo music is most definitely not hip-hop, how did that change of genres happen?
I grew up listening to The Beatles and Run DMC and have a degree in ethnomusicology. It’s all music to me! 

What was the process like focusing on yourself again?
It was a very natural process. I enjoy some healthy self-focus. 

Have you noticed a difference between your writing process with your first albums and this new EP?
There are many differences and some definite similarities. I think my writing process is always evolving. 


Everything on the EP seems to flow extremely well into each other. How did that process of cutting songs and rebuilding songs work out?
The entire process was very fluid. We recorded all the rhythm tracks live in a room together. I think that has an impact on the overall flow of the EP.


You also had the chance to work with producer Marshall Altman while recording this EP, how was that?
Working with Marshall was amazing! He is one of the GOATs and we really had a blast together :) 


There’s definitely an incredible music scene over in Nashville. Did you have the time to fully immerse yourself in that world?
I sure did and I felt so warmly embraced by the community! Nashville is awesome!!


You’ve said before that Crane City is directly inspired by Nashville. Could you elaborate a little on that comparison?
"Crane City" is what I call all of the rapidly developing cities. Nashville is a current example for sure. The goal of the song is to shed light on any injustices without inhibiting progress. 


Some songs off of your old record were featured in movies and TV shows such as Suits and NCIS, where could you imagine some of the songs off of your new EP being used?
I can imagine them all over the place! Let’s hope the powers that be feel the same way :) 


You’ve also had some pretty big television debuts yourself! What were some of your favorite TV debuts?
Some of my favs are Snoop Dogg on The Tonight Show, me on Ellen, Californication and Chris Cornell on everything!


Are you looking forward to bringing your EP on the road sometime? Can we expect a tour?
After some shows in Germany and Belgium my festival season in the States starts at the end of May with Pat McGee’s Down The Hatch in OBX, NC and Off The Record Fest in Atlantic City, NJ. Definitely expect more tour dates and please check all socials for updates :) 


Are there any last words that you would like to say to anyone reading this?
Thank you so much!!

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