Juice is a 7 person band from Boston, MA.

We were able to chat with their violinist, Christian, about the band and the music. 

Learn more about Juice in the interview below!

Photo by Luke Urbanzcyk

Photo by Luke Urbanzcyk

How has Boston influenced you as musicians?

Boston has a great music culture. There are several prestigious music schools in the area that provided us with contemporaries to draw influence from and provide a framework for being a band full-time.


There are 7 members in Juice, which is more than the average band. How do you think the size of your band has impacted you?

Our larger band size has had a very positive impact on us. We’re able to draw on a strong energy during our performances. Each member has their own unique musical background, and we’re able to draw on more influences as a result.


Your music seems to be able to fit into many genres. How would you best describe your music to a first time listener?

Next question. Just kidding. We sit right between several genres that include Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and probably five or six more.


Take us through your songwriting process.

Our songwriting process is very collaborative. Sometimes a member will bring an idea to the group, which will then continue to develop as a Juice song. Other times, an idea will organically spawn from a jam session. Our new single “Sugar” is a good demonstration of our collaborative process.


How would you compare and contrast your experience while recording music in the studio vs. playing it live in front of an audience?

We’ve been playing live since the band’s inception, so transitioning into the studio was a process we had to get used to and improve at. That said, recording our songs allows us to take the time to figure out different sounds and arrangements that feel really good on a record.


What’s the strangest experience you’ve had at a show?

My violin’s bridge once collapsed on stage and I only cried for twenty minutes.


When was the moment when you decided music was what you wanted to do as a career? 

When I was in 7th grade I had the chance to perform at Notre Dame with my babysitter, and that was probably the most viscerally joyful experience I’d had in my life. At that point, I knew that playing music as a career was something I wanted to do. When I met the rest of the guys in college, and everyone was so talented, and we all got along so well, it started to click that we could maybe be a band full time.


Why is music important to you?

Music is important to me because it’s sort of like tangible joy. It’s joy that I can share with everyone around me, and its joy that can come in any number of different forms. More than just joy, it’s this expression of human emotion that really makes you feel. I think without the feelings that music evokes life would be pretty dumb.


What’s in store for the future of Juice?

We’re going to keep touring and keep writing music. We have some more music coming out, a few music videos, and we hope to start working on a new project in the Fall. Hopefully we can keep building our fans and playing cool shows.

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