The Brazen Youth

By Sophie Minello

Connecticut band The Brazen Youth released their sophomore album entitled Primitive Initiative in September of 2018. It’s a masterpiece, taking listeners through a journey of emotion and unique styles of music. Learn more about the album in the short interview below!

What differed in your process for Primitive Initiative as opposed to the Everdying Bristlecone Man?

Micah’s creative influence, the recording process, the band dynamic, chemical balance, experience playing live, accessibility to more sound toys, studio smell, hard drive space.


A lot of people announce an album three months before it's out to promote and everything. Why did you decide to announce it around one month in advance?

The release of this was a little rushed. We were trying to get it out ASAP. It didn’t feel like a fall album and that was the rate we were working towards.

How did the album and single artwork come about?

Katie McCann. Please look up her work. We shot her the songs and some general conceptual ideas and she figured out the rest. @bettleblossum on instagram


Each of the album’s singles seems to have a personality of its own which is really unique. What is your main source of inspiration when writing these? What’s the process like once you write a song until the final product?

Figure in the Field is probably the best example of how a song can evolve throughout the recording process. Nick brought it to us as a super light acoustic and vocal performance and somehow we turned it into the most dense track on the record.

You’ve mentioned before that you love the video aspect to music. You created an amazing video for “You’ll Be Forever Nameless Pt. 1 & 2” last year, do you have any plans to create video content in promotion of these new songs?

Yes we have plans!


I know your debut album was a concept album. Can you say the same for this one? Was there any big concepts that flowed between these songs?

Yes, but less of a literal concept. The concept was simpler this time around, because it was just the Primitive Initiative.

How do you feel now that this album is finally going to be available/is available to the world?

We’ve done a lot of stuff this year. It’s crazy to think all the touring we did was to support a record we wrote in High School. It’s nice to have something new out. We’ve been sitting on this since April.

Anything important to note about this album?

It’s for all of u!

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