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Interview by Cayla Coomer


It's been 3 years since Dallas, Texas band Little Image released their EP "These are Just Words", and their new album "Musings" which will be released on August 11, 2017. We were able to have a chat with lead singer, Jackson Simmons.


Congratulations on the new album! I'm sure you're all really stoked to finally release your very first album.

Thank you so much! Very very stoked on the release, it was a lengthy process that has finally come to a close and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone.

So you recently released a single which is on the album. "Cardboard Box Spaceship" for me, it was so vividly portrayed, I could see it in my head playing out like a story. Where did you find inspiration for this song?

Yeah for sure! That song actually came out of a season I went through when moving out of my original home after high school and the process of growing up and taking that next step in life. I used the analogy of a little boy finding things in his room and putting together a spaceship and space suit out of the objects he was finding, and going on a new adventure into a new place.

How would you explain Little Image to a new listener?

Being a small part of something bigger than us

Do you feel like there's been a lot of growth within the band since the release of "These Are Just Words"? 

Absolutely! The first EP was some of the first songs I ever wrote and was before Brandon (guitar) or Troy (drums) were apart of the writing process, so it was just me and our producer on that EP. Being able to work with so many more ideas from their perspectives definitely was a plus to make this album more mature.

What are your favorite tracks on the album and why? 

Shoot that’s a tough one. I think it’s safe to say that this record has some of our favorite songs any of us have written. There’s a song called “Prin” that has a lot of personal meaning to me, and “Cardboard Box Spaceship” is definitely one of all our favorites. We all put a lot of our own ideas into that one so it’s a good collaborative song with personal markers from everyone in it.

What song are you most excited for people to hear?

There’s a song called “I Guess I’m Not a Part of Your Dreams” that has a lot of depth that I’m really stoked for people to listen to.

The new album is called "Musings" how did you come up with that, and how do you feel it reflects each song?


 We were trying to decide what to call the record, we went through a few different ideas, including releasing it self-titled. I discovered the word “Musings” somewhere and it really stuck out to me. Taking our time on ideas and wanting to make it the best we could and rewriting and taking stuff out and adding stuff in and even just going through things in life for all of us, by the time we were finished we just took a minute and reflected and thought about what we had done. “Musings” definitely describes the record perfectly and the season we all went through when making it.

What did the writing process for this album look like? 

A lot of different things (haha) a lot of the songs I wrote in my room and would finish them with Abbie (vocals) or one of the other guys over text or meet up to talk through ideas. We went away on a trip to a house in the middle of nowhere with the intent to write and came out with two of the songs on the record. Some of them were written in the studio as well.

Do you guys have any big out of state tours in mind in the late future?

We have some tour stuff in the works for November and early 2018 that we will announce soon, super excited about it!

What do you feel separates you and makes you unique from other bands?

Something we always strive for is to be genuine and kind to others. Our main goal isn’t to be famous, but to be loving to as many people as we get the privilege to cross paths with.

Where do you see yourself as a band in 5 years?

Good question! Wherever the wind wants to take us!!

Their newly released single "Cardboard Box Spaceship" is available on iTunes, and Spotify!

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Stay tuned August 11th for their new Album "Musings" 


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