Hurt Me Harder by Oceanlux


By Oceanlux

For our new single, “Hurt Me Harder,” we wanted to create a song that was danceable, catchy, upbeat, and enjoyable for the listener. The original demo was very dark and personable. It almost sounded similar to bands like Twenty One Pilots and Nine Inch Nails! We knew as a band we wanted to head in a more “pop” direction and therefore had to rewrite the song. In the past, we have written separately and became very comfortable with the strategy of either sending instrumentals through text messages or lyrical ideas and melodies to one another. After finalizing a rough draft we take our music to our producer, Brian, at Threshold Studios in Indianapolis. For this single specifically we ended up writing together and in person! This was very different for us and felt very vulnerable. We were able to give each other instant feedback during the writing process which helped us distinguish exactly what we were going for. We made sure to describe the same situation of overcoming a toxic relationship but in a more relatable way for the masses. We used contradictory lyrics to pretty much describe what it’s like when you tell someone, “I’m done with this.” After a few days of writing together and finalizing lyrics we were ready to see our producer! With past studio sessions we were very particular about what melodies and instruments would be added to each song. We didn’t really let Brian have as much control. This time around we decided to let him take full control over our sound with us inputting ideas along the way. We wanted to sound “bigger” with hard hitting choruses. We gained inspiration from Walk The Moon and One Republic for the overall sound of the music we are currently releasing. After a few studio sessions we finally had the finished product! We quickly then came up with our bright colored, sarcastic theme for the music video and marketing campaign. We wanted to offset the otherwise personal lyrics by creating a fun, bright music video. We gained inspiration for the video from The 1975, Andy Warhol, and Real Friends. Overall, we are very happy with the outcome and response from the video! We are both very excited and anxious to get back into the studio and create more material.

Sunlight Magazine