A Lot Right Now by Austen Ballard

By Austen Ballard



When Sophie invited me to write a “Happy Ears” article about my music video “A Lot Right Now,” she asked me to “explain [my] creative process,” followed by some sentences involving the word “inspiration”. 


But there was a problem.


You see, unlike most art, “A Lot Right Now” is not a unique creative expression. Rather it is the logical outcome of a chemical reaction; the result of a specific set of events as dictated by science and physics: 


If you were to:


1.) make friends with somebody sneaking rips of their dab pen outside your buddy’s psychedelic post-shoegaze art-punk band’s album release party,

2.) spend a weekend in bed with this person binge-watching YouTube playlists of vintage CGI animation, and

3.) finish last month’s anxiety prescription with them to Macintosh Plus’ “Lisa Frank 420” on repeat,


you would end up making your very own “A Lot Right Now”. In fact, if everyone in the world followed these steps and then shared them with a friend, we could have over six billion “A Lot Right Now”s uploaded to the web by the year 2023! 


Once you’ve completed those three items and set the process in motion, you’ll only need a few more things to complete your “A Lot Right Now”:


  • A pathological desire to recreate the power-chord-heavy anthems of Emo legends like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low.
  • A working knowledge of 3D design and animation (taking screenshots of SketchUp is fine).
  • Just enough post-Facebook ennui to motivate you moaning into a microphone for three and a half minutes about how you’re generally overwhelmed with first-world problems.


See? It’s that simple, and requires almost no creativity on your part. In fact, if you finish the aforementioned prescription fast enough you won’t even remember doing it!*


In conclusion, I’m afraid I’m woefully unequipped to write a “Happy Ears” article and sincerely apologize that this explanation of my creative process has been no such thing. I hope you’ll give my steps a try and look forward to seeing your “A Lot Right Now”, along with those of your friends and your friends’ friends gracing the Recommended section of my YouTube homepage. — Austen Ballard


*As an unqualified medical non-professional I do not advise this. 

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