Anthony Sennett

Anthony Sennett is an artist based in Chicago, IL. He is deeply inspired by music, which is evident through all his work on his Instagram. At the age of only 15, it seems as if Anthony has already mastered his craft. The level of creativity and originality that he possesses leaves viewers with dropped jaws. Sunlight had the privilege of peeping into the mind of this artistic mastermind. Read about his creative process behind his work below.


"This was one of the first drawings I did for the band COIN after they released their second album. It is for the track “Heart Eyes,” and I wanted to make it into a movie poster-esque drawing since the song has a cinematic feel. I primarily used the color red, as it is the album cover’s main color, and tried to make a dramatic setting with rain splattered windows and a careless girl hanging out the sun roof of her car. Also, I had been dying to draw the picture of Ryan Winnen I used as the main reference. This drawing was very fun to create, but also challenging due to the typography, which is something I have always wanted to improve in. I used graphite pencils to shade Ryan’s face, and prismacolor pencils on the rest of the piece."


"This was a larger project that I chose to do in honor of all four Lana Del Rey LPs, and her one EP. I tried multiple formats for how I would fit each cover onto one page, but I chose this one. Born to Die Lana is on the other side of the car, facing her past and all of the darker times that brought her to where she was in 2012. For the Paradise EP, I put it on a postcard as it was a distant reality. Ultraviolence Lana is stepping into the truck, and Honeymoon Lana lies comfortably inside. Out on the other side of the truck, in a more lush landscape, is Lust for Life Lana under blue skies. I used a mix of prismacolor pencils and simple graphite pencils for this piece."


"This is the first of a series made for the boy band Brockhampton. The song and video it is based off of is titled “Face.” I wanted to try a new style and shade more with lines than actual blending. The video itself has many chaotic shots so I combined as many as I could to give it a similar feel. I put Romil the furthest to the edge of the paper, beating up a trash can, to signify the end of their “All-American Trash” mixtape era. The red-blue shapes on the edge of the paper are based off of the font for the Face single art made by HK. Once again, I used a mix of prismacolor and graphite pencils."


"I had previously made a drawing for the same song this was based on, “Green Light” by Lorde. I hated my first attempt, and it was very rushed and totally not creative. I spent more time on this one, and I was very happy with the simple and obvious message it sent about the song. I wanted to make an interesting visual and use a more matte look with bright colors and less real gradients. I used (yes, you guessed it) primsacolor and graphite pencils for this drawing."

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